IOdesk V1.6.0 changelog

IOdesk V1.6.0 released! Our changelogs are mainly aimed at describing what’s changed since the last version of IOdesk and to really go into detail what our developers have been up to. The main target are other developers or the company admins.

New features and highlights

  • Revamp of the solved tickets view
    • Complete revamp of the solved ticket view, enhancing workflow and UX
    • You can now select how many tickets to view per page
    • Sorting based on agent that handled the ticket
    • Sorting based on the team the ticket belongs to
    • Sorting based on customer
    • Advanced sorting based on multiple settings such as labels, customer, agent etc.
    • Viewing of the ticket directly in a modal
    • Performance enhancements
    • Cleanup of unused parameters and information
    • Ticket notes added
  • LydiaAI self-learning updated with manual learning added
    • The algorithms for LydiaAI have been updated and reworked giving customers more relevant answers
    • Self-learning algorithm updated
    • Manual self-learning controls, users can now give LydiaAI pre-defined questions matching a knowledge database answer
    • New section added “LydiaAI” where users are able to accept or discard self-learnt matches between questions and answers
    • Section for adding questions for LydiaAI to learn from added to the edit view of a specific article
    • Card added to dashboard showing how many confirmations for the self-learning that needs to be managed
    • Design updates for the knowledge databases views to fit this new functionality
  • New chat module settings
    • Users can now set a color of their choice for the chat module to customize it to fit their site and brand
    • Users can now set the size of the chat module between small, normal and large to fit their needs
  • New login and signup design
    • The login view has been updated to fit the overall design of the IOdesk app better – it looks great now don’t you think!?
    • The signup view has been updated to give a smoother sign up experience, and to fit the overall design of the IOdesk app


  • Editor for summary of an answer added in the knowledge databases
  • Clicking ‘solved by Lydia’ on the dashboard now goes to the solved ticket view showing relevant tickets
  • Main language for knowledge database containers added
  • Zoom on input in chat module when using iPhone disabled

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