IOdesk V1.5.2 changelog

It’s that time of the month again, changelog time!

Our changelogs are mainly aimed at describing what’s changed since the last version of IOdesk and to really go into detail what our developers have been up to. The main target are other developers or the company admins.

An x.x.number release is a smaller release mainly aimed at solving random features (bugs), enhancements for existing functionality and sometimes smaller new features

New features and highlights

  • General changes
    • UI update for the dashboard to give agents and admins an easier overview of the current situation
    • UI enhancements and font updates for better readability
    • Major updates to the IOdesk landing page
    • Documentation for users of IOdesk (work-in-progress)
    • General fixes to several views to look; and have a better workflow
  • Revamped e-mail and contact forms ticketing system
    • The UI for non-chat tickets has received a visual overhaul to improve readability, workflow and easier navigation
    • Agents now get a filterable direct overview of the amount of tickets in different categories
    • Management of tickets workflow improved
    • Readability of e-mails much improved and with a more mailbox type of feeling/workflow
    • Previews of mails and conversations improved to give agents a quicker and better overview of ongoing or new tickets
    • Visually unnecessary clutter removed or replaced
  • New e-mail parser
    • We have based on feedback from you guys rewritten the e-mail parser, to put it into less technical terms: received and sent mails now keep their formatting and looks SO much nicer. Both for agents and for customers.


  • IOdesk app updated to work better with smaller desktop screens
  • Support module updated to work better with smaller smartphone screens
  • Visual corrections and improvements to the support module
  • If no agents are online, the customer has not already entered a mail and is requesting help from an agent. Lydia now sends out a message where users can enter their mail (support module)
  • Better (larger) modals for agents when working in the ticket UI, wanting to send out KDB answers
  • Main navigation updates to retain user position
  • In the manage view for agents, users can now see an overview for which teams all agents are in
  • Corrections for the signup verification mail sent out to new customers
  • When working with KDB articles, the user is now asked if he/she wants to leave the editor before saving changes
  • Specific UI-changes for the support module when used on iPhone or Safari
  • Privacy policy added to the new support module
  • Agents now have to confirm they want to mark a ticket as spam and add the user to the blacklist
  • Modal for showing KDB articles in the support module quick answers implemented
  • If an agent has claimed a ticket, only that agent will receive notifications by mail when a new answer arrives. Instead of the whole team.
  • Microsoft Teams now available to connect with through webhook

Special thanks ❤

To the people over at iP.1 for all of your suggestions and feedback!

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