IOdesk V1.5.0 changelog

Hi all! This will be the first changelog over here at our blog, moving from

Our change-logs are mainly aimed at describing what’s changed since the last version of IOdesk and to really go into detail what our developers have been up to. Main target are other developers or the company admins.

For a summary and presentation of all the new features check the main category “Development” instead, because this is about to get VERY detailed. 🙂

New features and highlights

  • Introducing our brand new support module!
    We have been hard at work rebuilding our original chat module into something better.
    • Implemented new design and core functionality
    • Companies can now add their logo to the module
    • Welcome message can now be added
    • Improved notification bubbles to grab visitors attention
    • Agents online in IOdesk now presented in the module
    • Updated phrases for Lydia when helping customers
    • New and improved language support, identifying the customers language and presents an option to change language if it’s not the main one set by the company
    • Companies can now set which information to request from the user before the customer can launch a new chat (name/email)
    • Companies can now if they disable the requirements for starting a chat, have anonymous ones where IOdesk will give the user a temporary name instead. This means visitors can start chatting right away!
    • Companies can now from IOdesk turn the module on or off
    • Companies can now from IOdesk turn the AI support on or off
    • Companies can now from IOdesk turn the whole module on or off
    • Improved UI for use on smaller screens
    • Re-hauled flow for AI-answers
    • Automatic notifications to agents when the AI is unable to help, or the user requests a human
    • Based on the new online status for agents (see below) the AI either informs the customer that someone will be with them shortly, or prompts the user (if an e-mail has not been aquired yet) to leave an e-mail and you will get back to them as soon as possible
    • Quick answers section – users can now directly without having to start a chat search for answers
    • Module messages – companies can now show messages directly in the module, great for showing PSA information, discounts or whatever suit your needs!
    • Answers in-chat or in-quick answers can now be shown in either a modal or a link to our KDB site. Depending on if you want users to see the answer directly on your site, or over at your “space” on our KDB-site.
  • Major updates to LydiaAI and Knowledge Databases
    This update comes with major changes for LydiaAI, providing better and more relevant answers then ever!
    • Complete re-haul of the core engine for learning and providing relevant answers to questions.
    • Better language support and differentiation between words for different languages
    • Improved performance for direct answers using pre-built matching based on learning (e.g. recognized question results in direct answer on pre-calculated answer)
    • Contextual improvements (language, keywords etc.)
    • Keywords for answers removed due to the AI now being able to work with these “on the go” now. Also these keywords were previously used for companies to “hard-connect” specific words to answers and we could see it was interfering too much with the self learning. Companies will still be able to manually train the AI in the future, but we are changing the way it works in coming updates
    • There’s one more thing in the works connected to these major updates and we’ll get back to that in coming updates since were not ready to release it just yet. 😉
  • Agent online status
    • In conjunction with the new support module and it’s functionality to silently help customers before notifying agents when needed some changes had to be made to the agent online status
    • The online status is no longer based on if IOdesk is open in your browser (as before)
    • The online status and when you are ready to answer chat tickets is now based on the “status switcher” located on the dashboard
    • Set to online, the agent will show up as available in the case LydiaAI is unable to answer a question or a user directly wants to talk to a human
    • Set to offline the agent will not show up (duh?)
    • If all agents in the company/team is set to offline, Lydia will inform the visitor that no one is around at the moment and that you will get back to the user by mail instead
    • Agents will automatically be set to online when logging in
    • Agents will be asked if they want to be set as offline when logging out
  • and split
    • Previously everything related to IOdesk was placed on the domain, meaning even after logging in you were placed at the www where also the landing page/signup section of IOdesk are located
    • To prepare for future needs and to get a separation between the landing page and the application itself a split has been made, where the ticket management system is now located at
    • This has further uses, such as you now can navigate directly to and instantly be in the system, instead of having to navigate the main page -> login and then end up in the system
    • For our part we can now update and add content to faster, which will be a core functionality for when the documentation is in place

General changes to the IOdesk App

  • Main navigation
    • The main navigation has recieved a update due to more sections being added and functionality being split out into it’s own sections
    • Application settings now contains all the settings for how IOdesk is to work, working with and creating modules, rules for tickets, canned responses and so on
    • Company settings contains the settings for the application on a higher level and is only available for the CA. This includes billing information, teams, agents and so on
  • Modules section
    • Re-haul of the whole section to match the new support module and create a better UX for generating and managing modules
    • Main language now syncs with secondary to make the selections easier
    • Option to enable or disable LydiaAI for the module
    • Requirements for starting a chat added: companies can pick if e-mail or/and name must be entered
    • Description of module – so that companies can add e.g. “This module is shown on this site”
    • Heading – add a small message to the header of the support module
    • Option to pick one or more knowledge databases that the module should present answers from
    • Option to show answers (in the support module) in either a modal or a link to our KDB site
    • Option to add your company logotype to the support module
  • Module messages (new section)
    • Create and manage messages to be shown in the support module
    • Full editor to style and present your messages just the way you want
    • Advanced options for showing the messages at specific times, days and between dates
    • This new section replaces the old “PSA messages” which have now been removed
  • Webhooks (new section)
    • Still in beta and mainly for developers at this point
    • Connect Discord or Microsoft Teams to IOdesk to recieve notifications on new tickets, answers etc.
    • Documentation and further work on how to set this up coming in future updates
  • Billing
    • Major updates to the process of setting up and managing a subscription to make it easier and more user friendly
    • Option to add a coupon code when signing up / changing a subscription
    • Tax settings for EU countries added
    • Mail sent out to the CA when a subscription is about to end
    • After a subscription ends users will no longer have access to any functionality in IOdesk except the company settings and billing pages
  • Canned replies (new section)
    • This is the same ol’ canned replies functionality as before where agents/ca can add predefined answers. But now placed in it’s own section to make it more clear where to go to work with this (was in app-settings before)
  • Knowledge databases
    • Lot’s of UI and smaller functionality updates and bugfixes
    • Keywords removed from articles since it’s no longer necessary (see LydiaAI section)
    • Enhancements to the uploading of files
    • Option to delete multiple articles/answers at once
    • Moved delete KDB to the edit KDB section
    • Some major changes are in the works here coming in later updates!
  • Tickets
    • CA:s can now add themselves to participator to any ticket
    • If a ticket has been claimed by an agent, only this agent will receive notifications on new messages and not everyone
    • Agents can now from the quick answers bar send out a kdb answer to a user, and from the users point of view have it displayed directly in a modal
    • Agents now have to confirm before marking a ticket as spam and adding the e-mail to the blacklist
    • Agents can now on solving a ticket choose to send out a summary or not to the customer
    • Corrections for mails recieved where rowbreaks at time were not working
    • Auto-generated links from content in recieved mails and contact forms
    • HTML-tags cluttering up the preview of messages removed
    • Agents can now send chat messages with line breaks from smartphones
    • Updates to the push notifications services
    • Agents can now switch the team a ticket belongs to
    • Major performance enhancements for the tickets UI
    • Enhancements to the UI/UX and lots of minor corrections
  • Extended privileges for Agents
    • Agents now have access to these sections: module messages, canned replies, customer labels and company labels
  • Dashboard
    • Agent online switch added
    • Updates to the placements of charts
    • Updates of the placement of todos
    • Statistics are now clickable to directly navigate to e.g. new tickets

This update has been in the work for quite a few months and we’re so happy to finally have it out and available for you guys! For this changelog the bugfixes section will be left out since there’s just too many minor changes and fixes that has been done to list them all.

That goes for other sections as well since there’s much more but less “impactful” stuff that has been reworked, enhanced or added. The thought here is to give a comprehensive list of the most important stuff in detail.

It should also be added that this is part one of a major update, we have a lot of stuff that’s been worked on during the time between 1.3 and 1.5 that we felt just was not ready to launch yet, *Lydia Nexus I’m looking at you*, but be sure that we are working hard on it and will have more information about it in coming updates!

From this point on we’re getting back to a more regular schedule of changelogs again with constant smaller updates mixed with bigger ones.

Stay tuned, so much more exciting stuff coming up!

// Robert

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