IOdesk launches free tier!

Today we’re bringing you some very exciting news! Keep reading to find out how to begin your journey towards better customer relations!

IOdesk free tier

When we first started working on IOdesk one of our main goals was to offer a service for greatly enhancing the workflow of customer support and relations, while still being affordable for smaller companies and startups. We saw that many of our competitors while offering very good systems, left many companies out in the cold due to either high costs. Or solutions leading to uncertainty of just how much the system would cost per month or year.

The first step towards this was taken last year when we went public and directly placed ourselves in a very competitive place with prices including all functionality and no extra costs for features such as chatbots, live-chat widgets, etc.

However, we still needed some time to analyze and enhance our service based on the influx of new customers, to prepare for our main goal in providing a service for small companies and startups – a free tier!

All functionality, free forever

We are very excited to be launching our free tier today, suited for small companies (1-4 employees)!

Now usually this would be the time to start listing the things that are excluded from the free tier – this will be a short section: all features are included!

Yes, that’s right! We are releasing the free tier with all of the functionality from our paid packages, the only “restriction” or rather limit, is 1 agent.

This means that you are now able to get a fully featured ticket handling system with knowledge databases, live-chat, e-mail inbox, and lots of more free of charge, forever! Making it possible for the small businesses and startups to gain all the advantages of a ticket handling system from the start, and as the business grows, upgrade to a package with more users.

Getting back to our vision, we want to be the service supporting your customer relations, from humble beginnings, through growth and more employees all the way to a global business with customers worldwide. With this new free tier package, we believe we will be able to help many new companies, and in turn, they will be able to help their customers more efficiently.

Available now

This new free tier is available as of the publishing of this article, pop on over to to sign up now!

Again, we are so excited about this and hoping it will prove useful for a lot of small companies out there. If you have any feedback or thoughts, send us a mail at or through the chat widget.

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