IOdesk 1.7.2 released!

Hi all! Time again for some updates, this time we’re bringing you some UI enhancements, roles for agents and general optimizations and improvements. Check out the changelog to find out all about it!


  • The administrator can now assign a new role “Team leader”. The team leader role gives access to everything related to ticket management, module management, knowledge base management and team management. As before, the administrator is still the only one that can update and change subscriptions and company settings
  • Tickets are now re-opened upon new messages, for example a customer responds to an old and solved ticket. It now opens back up instead of a new ticket beeing created
  • UI updates and improvements for the Inbox (called “Mail” before)
  • Brand new editor for answering and composing mails
  • The subject line of an e-mail is now shown to the agents
  • Toggling of e-mail messages, older messages are now collapseable, where only the newest is shown. Less cluttering, looks and works more like a traditional e-mail client now
  • Pending tickets are now shown on the dashboard
  • Descriptions can now be added for knowledge base containers
  • Searching and sorting has been improved in the external KDB-site
  • KDB-site updated with loading indicators and referral links back to your company
  • Public API updated with corrections and more endpoints for fetching/managing knowledge base related enteties
  • Push notifications and mail notifications optimized, for faster delivery
  • In-app notifications for recieved mails has been fixed
  • Overall all fonts and colors used in the IOdesk App has been revised to have better readability
  • Bufixes and UI corrections for the support module
  • More documentation for the IOdesk App added
  • And lots and lots of other minor improvements and fixes!

Stay tuned!

The changelog above was just some of the changes we’ve been working on, in the coming updates we have so much more we are looking forward to share with you. As always take care until next time!

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