IOdesk 1.7.1 released!


As you’ve probably seen we’ve been pushing out some HUGE updates for IOdesk in the last couple of weeks. Refining and polishing existing features, and also throwing in a couple of new ones here and there!

Important updates

Business hours
We have made some major changes to the functionality of the support module (former chat module), where we recommend that you read this to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. First off business hours are now directly connected to the support module, this means that after business hours and if you or none of your colleagues are online, this will be shown to a customer coming in to your site and starting up a chat. He/she will be informed that you will get back as soon as possible, and asked to leave his/her e-mail. Make sure to update your business hours right away, you’ll find it under “Application” -> “Ticketing”.

Receiving e-mails
Some major updates has gone into the system for recieving e-mails and communicating with your customers through e-mail (through IOdesk). Due to this (if you are using an alias for the company e-mail) the e-mails have changed from to

Please make sure if you use an alias for the company e-mail, to update it as soon as possible, since the old addresses will be disabled in 60 days.


  • Completely new design for the whole IOdesk App, navigation and mobile support much improved
  • Agents can now see when a customer is typing a message
  • Agents can now see if a customer has read a message (beta feature)
  • Agents can now hit shift+enter to send chat messages with row breaks to users
  • IOdesk main navigation now shows open/new tickets
  • When new tickets arrive, they are now shown directly without page refresh
  • Agents are now set to offline automatically after being offline for more than 30 minutes after business hours
  • Improvements to the online-status of customers, should be more correct now
  • Support module now with persistent data, meaning a customer can now close a tab and come back later. Or just have multiple tabs open with the same conversation active in all of them
  • Suggestions for possible answers to a question in the search box for the support module increased and ranked
  • Rare error where an uploaded image in the support module caused an HTML error resolved
  • Improvements to the chat and mail tickets UI
  • Improvements for all modules and IOdesk-app when using a smartphone/tablet
  • Bug where e-mails sent from Outlook using Nordic chars looked weird has been resolved (at last!)
  • Application-wide notification system, notifications for new tickets and answers
  • Send button added for support module, replacing the upload button when typing
  • “X” button added for support module, replacing clicking the module icon again for closing
  • “Globe” button added for support module, replacing the box for selecting another language then the default one
  • “New conversation” button added if a chat in the support module is already active, but the user want’s to create a new conversation
  • Fleep webhooks integration added, you can now receive notifications to Fleep channels
  • Rendering of incoming mails much improved, things just look the way they should now!
  • Setting for the support module to turn on or off the quick answers searchbox
  • Reduced the size of the “hello” balloon message on mobile devices

Until next time!

As for the next update we are working on, much more documentation is in the works, our public API (goes hand in hand with documentation) is also in the pipeline. Most of all we will continue to refine and polish current features and the IOdesk application – if you have any thoughts or feedback send us a message!

Until next time, take care!

Best Regards,
The IOdesk team

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