Graphic Powers handling their support with IOdesk

Graphic Powers AB is a Sweden based software company developing applications for the graphics industry. The company has customers all over the world and across all time zones.

Graphic Powers were in need of a support system able to answer questions from their customers 24/7. “When IOdesk presented their solution to us, we didn’t doubt for a minute to start using it”

“The built-in AI agent Lydia helps our customers to quickly find the answer of frequently asked questions, without us having to take any action. IOdesk helps us daily by gathering all support tickets in one system, and handling a good portion of it automatically”Mats Löfberg, CEO

Mats also says that due to always being available through the AI, customer satisfaction has increased and that this is both due to customers getting answers instantly, and that they now have more time for answering more complicated questions more thoroughly.

“We have not for a second regretted that we started using IOdesk!”Mats Löfberg, CEO

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