No matter if you are an experienced customer care agent, or new to the job, there is one thing that will test you over and over. The key being over and over. And over. The same question can only be answered in so many ways. After that it’s down the rabbit hole of repetition.

“-What are your opening hours?”
“-Where do I find X?”
“-How much is X?”
“-Where are you located?”

All this, when you also have a long list of customers needing answers to perhaps more complex questions, it’s so frustrating to have to answer the same questions. Over and over.

Working as a customer care agent can be a very rewarding and inspirational job, but not when your patience is tested and you don’t get to come up with solutions to help those who need you the most. Cause lets face it, the answer to most of those repitetive questions are already posted on your website, but for some reason the customer prefers to ask before looking themselves.

Let IOdesk and our bot, Lydia, take care of all the simple, repetitive questions for you. This will free up your time, take a large burden and let’s you focus on developing your skills and becoming a super star in customer care.

Happy agents – Happy customers.

Brighten up your workplace with a bot!

– Sophie Nohlberg
Head of Sales, IOdesk

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